Rejuvenating Dentistry

Teeth reveal our age more than sight and skin. Therefore when you are young or when you are about 40, you should start fighting with tooth aging, as you do with skin aging, using anti-wrinkle creams.

According to numerous specialists, prevention of aging should be started with teeth, as the changes in dentition constitute the main reason for wrinkles and facial deformations.

Teeth constitute scaffolding for soft tissue of lips and cheeks, therefore tooth abrasion or their loss cause the loss of support for your skin and facial muscles which quickly lose their firmness.

Significant changes also involve the look of teeth themselves – mostly discoloration caused by eating habits or additionally accelerated by abrasion. Retraction of gums also reveals the passage of time.

A typical solution for a mature smile is rejuvenating dentistry – ANTI AGING DENTISTRY – which offers numerous solutions adjusted to the individual needs and expectations of patients.


Preventive medicine allows you to keep health, well-being and attractive look also when you are mature.

One of the most important tools used in preventive medicine, which allows to identify deficiencies or excess of some biological elements in the body, is an ultramodern laboratory test, which constitutes a basis for the development of an individual biological profile of the patient, called a prophylactic biological balance (PBB). It allows to assess the condition of the patient and the level of their capacity to adjust to environmental changes.

This modern method of examining imbalances of numerous metabolic processes in the body and medical risks related to that, uses blood tests conducted in accordance with the most modern technologies in laboratories in Belgium. Biological balances are very useful when establishing individual preventive primary and secondary recommendations regarding cardiovascular diseases, civilization diseases, brain diseases, gastrointestinal tract diseases, osteoporosis, and AMD.

Thanks to using this extraordinary diagnostic technology test results indicate existing metabolic problems numerous months, or even years, earlier than it was possible when using traditional blood counts. They allow the formulation of recommendations for potential corrections of current treatment and therapeutical support through the change of eating habits and taking supplements for each patients individually.