Prosthodontics is a field involved in teeth reconstruction and restoration.


Crowns and bridges constitute a type of permanent, not removable prosthetic dental restorations. If due to tooth decay or break, we can use a part of the tooth, or at least its root, then a single crown is a solution. If the entire tooth was lost, then a bridge is necessary, in other words crowns combined with one another. Durability of crowns and bridges depends on oral cavity hygiene and regular control visits. Veneers constitute a type of porcelain “tips” bonded to teeth. Using them it is possible to improve the shape and color of teeth and make your smile more attractive. They require filing only a small amount of enamel on the outside of the tooth.


Removable denture prosthodontics can be put on or taken off by the patient. Depending on the size of prosthodontics, they can be divided into partial dentures and complete dentures.


The “Pod Szyndzielnia” Polyclinic offers all possible solutions in the field of prosthodontics. Some of them are:


  • LAVA all-ceramic crowns and bridges,
  • telescopic crowns,
  • prosthodontics on implants,
  • flexible dentures,
  • flexible dentures.



With the greatest solicitude we select optimal prosthetic solutions for your teeth, combining durability and aesthetics of the restorations and corrections. Thanks to the cooperation of dentists and technicians, we ensure the highest quality of all prosthetic works conducted by us. We also offer a TWO-YEAR GUARANTEE for permanent dentures.