Periodontology is involved in treating diseases of periodontium and oral mucosa.  


Frequently occurring dental conditions include the following:


  • bleeding gums,
  • tooth loosening,
  • plaque (deposits of dental trays)
  • oral malodor.



This is what periodontology is involved in.


This field of dentistry is mainly involved in preventing and treating conditions of our periodontium. Therefore we draw our patients’ attention to the fact that hygiene and brushing technique constitute the first line of defense which protects us from various periodontium diseases.


The first symptoms of problems with gums most frequently include their bleeding during every day brushing. Failure to pay attention to these typical sings makes the inflammation more severe, as it is caused by multiplying bacteria on our teeth and inside our periodontal pockets. Initial periodontal treatment involves very thorough removal of dental deposits, smoothing the surface of roots, paying attention to the quality and tightness of fillings and controlling the general state of the periodontium.


The condition of our teeth can undergo significant deterioration if we have ignored hygiene and initial treatment, while the multiplying bacteria cause the destruction of tissue maintaining teeth in the bone, and consequently loosening of teeth – which is treated as a very advanced medical condition. In such cases treatment involves tooth immobilization (splinting) and thorough removal of plaque from dental pockets. It may be necessary to perform various treatments involving dental surgery, as frequently this is the only way to stop the deterioration process of tissues maintaining teeth in the bone.


Periodontology is also involved in gingival aesthetic problems, among others repairs of gums, alveolar bone or treating gingival recession.

The “Pod Szyndzielnia” Dental Polyclinic offers complex periodontological treatment to its patients, starting from basic instructions regarding oral cavity hygiene, through the removal of dental calculus deposits using an ultrasonic scaler, to specialized surgical procedures conducted on periodontal tissue in severe conditions.


Obviously, all procedures are conducted completely free of pain under anesthesia.