Pedodontics is involved in treating the youngest patients. Children are often afraid of dental appointments, especially if they have had bad experience or have heard something that caused their fear. Fortunately our specialists, thanks to their experience, patience and psychological preparation, can break the resistance of children, and even make them ask for another appointment.

It is important that a child from its earliest years gets used to dental appointments, and the first appointment should take place around the first year of their life. It allows effective prevention and care to be applied. Regular control visits should take place every six months. Taking care of milk teeth decides about the health of permanent teeth. Healthy milk teeth prevent malocclusion, transmission of tooth decay onto permanent teeth in the period of mixed dentition, and damage to the developing permanent tooth buds under milk teeth. During treatments we apply high quality anesthesia and gels minimalizing pain in cases of local anesthesia. Additionally in our offer we also have colorful fillings highly appreciated by our young patients. Working with children we take care of their teeth, but mostly about their smile.

Taking care of the teeth of the youngest generation, we have also been organizing events in the field of tooth decay prevention for children from schools in Bielsko-Biała since 1999.