Endodontics is a field of dentistry which is involved in root canal therapy. The most internal part of a tooth is its pulp. Similarly to other living tissue in the human body, it can be inflamed the symptom of which is pain. The most frequent reason for pulp inflammation is deep tooth decay. Root canal therapy is necessary if there is irreversible pulp inflammation and nerve damage. In such a situation the remaining nerve and bacteria have to be removed from the root canal.
Cleaning canals is a difficult task due to their small size. The more profoundly they are cleaned, the better the efficiency of treatment and the longer the tooth can survive in the oral cavity. Using a microscope, thanks to its advanced optical and lighting system, allows the dentist to obtain perfect vision in places most difficult to reach. Thanks to the use of a microscope it is possible to find all canals, including the additional one and prepare the clogged canals, as well.

Using also a system of ultrasonic tools, the dentist can conduct microsurgical and microendodontical procedures, which can save the tooth from previously inevitable extraction. Using an endometer in root canal therapy helps to precisely determine the length of the canal and eliminates the necessity to perform additional X-rays, which shortens the time of the procedure and limits the patient’s exposure to radiation.

Thanks to modern endodontic treatment methods the dentist is certain that the infected tissue is removed, and the canal – after its proper preparation – is completely filled, which constitutes a condition for high effectiveness of the therapy.