Dental surgery

Dental surgery is involved in surgical procedures conducted in oral cavity. At the “Pod Szyndzielnia” Polyclinic we conduct the following surgical procedures:  


  • extractions (also retained teeth, unerupted teeth and wisdom teeth),
  • uncovering of retained teeth in the arch,
  • repairing connections between oral cavity and maxillary sinus,
  • treatment of abscesses and oro-facial fistulas,
  • apicectomy, hemisections,
  • removing fibroids, epulus, mukoceli and other changes in the mucosa,
  • surgical preparation of oral cavity for prosthetic procedures,
  • undercutting frenulum, lips and tongue,
  • procedures in the field of implant prosthodontics,
  • surgical removal of craniofacial cysts,
  • procedures in the field of periodontological surgery.



A new soft laser increases the effectiveness of treatments and accelerates wound healing.