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Conservaqtive and Cosmetic Dentistry
Filling with light-cured material od 160 zł
Cosmetic direct reconstruction with ENAMEL material 300 – 500 zł
Filling a milk tooth with light-cured material od 100 zł
Consultation 100 zł
Taking an OPG photo 100 zł


Endodontics – root canal treatment
Root canal treatment with the DENTAPORT system (includes anesthesia, saliva, X-ray / RVG) od 400 zł
Ponowne leczenie kanałowe (re-endo) od 500 zł
Cosmetic dentistry
Sandblasting – removing discoloration with AIR FLOW method 200 zł
Ultrasonic whole dentition removal 200 zł
Scalling-Sandblast 330 zł
Scalling-sandblasting + fluoridation 350 zł
Dead tooth whitening 400 zł
Live teeth whitening with overlay method for one dental arch 500 zł
Live teeth whitening with the overlay method for one dental arch for two dental arches 700 zł
In-office teeth whitening with Zoom lamp 1,300 zł
Combined Bleaching Overlays + Zoom Lamp 1500 zł


* prices do not apply to Dr. K. Becker

Leczenie aparatem stałym
Metal braces for one arch 2000 zł
Self-ligating metal b races for one arch 3000 zł
Porcelain braces 4000 zł
Control check-up 250 zł
Removing braces, permanent retainer 500 zł
Removing braces, retention rail 500 zł
Permanent retainer and retention rails 800 zł
Fixed braces treatment
Metal braces for one jaw 2000 zł
Metal self-ligating braces for one jaw 3000 zł
Porcelain Apparatus 4,000 zł
Fixed Camera Control Visit 250 zł
Camera photo, fixed retainer 500 zł
Camera photo, retention splint 500 zł
Fixed retainer and retention splint 800 zł
Treatment with the lingual apparatus – Incognito
Incognito lingual apparatus for one jaw 15,000 zł
Control visit with Incognito apparatus 500 zł
Other cameras
Invisalign Camera from 5,000 -15,000 zł
Apparatus with Hyrax screw, Pendulum 900 – 1,200 zł
Herbst apparatus, Forsus, Twin Force 1700 zł
Lingual bow, Lip-bumper 600 zł
Face mask, Head-gear  500 zł
Removable (mobile) camera 700 – 900 zł
Control visit with removable braces 100 zł


A detailed price list of services is available at the doctor’s office and at the reception desk of the Polyclinic.

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