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Teeth reveal our age more than sight and skin. Therefore when you are young or when you are about 40, you should start fighting with tooth aging, as you do with skin aging, using anti-wrinkle creams.
Implantology is involved in implants which are introduced into the bone of the upper or lower jaw.
The purpose of dental diagnostics is to detect any disturbing conditions not only those which require dental help, but also those that require referring the patient to a specialist.
Prosthodontics is a field involved in teeth reconstruction and restoration. Some of our solutions: prosthodontics on implants or flexible dentures.
Endodontics is a field of dentistry which is involved in root canal therapy. The most internal part of a tooth is its pulp. Similarly to other living tissue in the human body, it can be inflamed the symptom of which is pain.
Orthodontics is a field of dentistry involved in treating malocclusion – simply speaking in straightening teeth. Its purpose is to improve the aesthetics of your smile, but also the occlusion functionality.
Cosmetic dentistry is involved in improving the look of teeth and gums. As a consequence it restores or creates a beautiful smile.
Pedodontics is involved in treating the youngest patients. Children are often afraid of dental appointments, especially if they have had bad experience or have heard something that caused their fear.
Periodontology is involved in treating diseases of periodontium and oral mucosa. Periodontology is also involved in gingival aesthetic problems, among others repairs of gums, alveolar bone or treating gingival recession.
Dental surgery is involved in surgical procedures conducted in oral cavity. At the “Pod Szyndzielnia” Polyclinic we conduct the following surgical procedures: from extractions (also retained teeth, unerupted teeth and wisdom teeth) to urgical removal of craniofacial cysts.
A comprehensive approach for a beautiful and healthy smile.
Rejuvenating Dentistry
Aesthetic denstistry
Dental surgery
Modern diagnostic laboratory
We offer one of the most modern X-ray laboratories in Poland with the latest generation equipment
The beautiful smile is white, healthy and also straight teeth. That's why we offer the full range of orthodontic services as well
20 years of experience
For more than 20 years we have been sharing with you our professional experience and knowledge about oral health, offering a full range of dental services
16 dental offices
For our patients we have prepared 16 modern, comfortable and air-conditioned dental offices